Things You Might Not Know

I’ve found a brilliant little video series by Tom Scott, a British writer and presenter. From a quick skim through his website he seems to be doing almost exactly what I would like to be doing for a job in a few years. He’s posted loads of creative and odd videos and presentations that I’ll probably get around to viewing over the next few weeks. For now I’ve been binge watching his weekly video show “Things You Might Not Know“. There is a bit of irony in the name because up until about an hour ago, it was one of the things about which I knew nothing. Now I can say I’m familiar in the inner workings of internet passwords, sun dials, long words, and a trampoline park in a cave in Wales. I’ve got about 60 more videos to watch, but if they’re anything like as informative as the first few I might be a genius by the end. 


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