Russell Brand vs Sean Hannity

I’ve been keeping up with Russell Brand’s vlog series “The Trews” lately, and although I’m not entirely on board with his whole idea of intertwined consciousnesses and such, I found a couple of his latest videos to be absolutely brilliant dissections of fox news. In the first, Brand does his usual bit and looks at how absurdly Fox News is covering an issue. In this case it is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

As with many of his videos, Russell Brand combines humor and intellect to captivate the Youtube audience. However, I think even on its own, the so called “debate” between Sean Hannity and Yousef Munayyer is frightening. The clear inhibition of free speech and badgering by Mr Hannity make me question how this is even considered journalism.

Russell’s video went viral, garnering over 1.8 million views in 3 days. This of course prompted a response from Hannity himself.

It’s interesting to see how Hannity automatically compartmentalizes Russell Brand. He immediately shrugs off Brand as a stereotypical celebrity shouting rubbish. It seems the American media have put celebrities into the category of gossip magazines and talk shows. This could be why Brand will have such a tough time making himself seem like a genuine political motivator. People these days only listen to what they want to hear.


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